Ever wondered what sock to wear and when? We’ve got you covered with a simple explanation to length, padding and material within the Sox Footwear range. 


Knitted socks (Nylon & Cotton) 

All the Sox Footwear Premium Knit socks are made from Nylon. The fibres have excellent toughness, abrasion resistance, and keeps its form even after many washes and activities. The material of the sock feels soft and lightweight, perfect for any sport. 

Cotton socks are more for lifestyle use. It is more absorbent than Nylon, but a cotton sock after a day out cycling would never look the same again. They tend to get fluff and do not return to its original state as well as Nylon does. Cotton socks are more breathable and are very soft which makes it ideal to wear with your sneakers or boots. 

Printed socks (Polyester) 

All Sox Footwear’s Premium Print socks are made from polyester. Polyester is resilient, wrinkle-resistant, excellent pleat retention (if heat-set). This ensures our printed socks do not wash out or fade and the fit is simply amazing!

Classic Range (Cotton)

The new material of the Sox Footwear Classic Range consists of cotton. These socks are perfect to wear with jeans and sneakers or rocking a retro hipster vibe at work.  Cotton is breathable and comfortable to wear. 


These are the Sox Footwear styles available. 


Our short socks were developed specifically for runners. The bottom part of the foot has extra padding to avoid blisters on the toes, ankle and ball of the foot. The thin breathable upper mesh allows extra ventilation for athletes. 


The anklet style is ideal for running or as casual wear after a tough day on the bike with sneakers. The Sox Footwear range is durable nylon knit with a light to medium weight feel. 

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Our crew style sock is the ideal sock for sports like cycling, running, netball, cricket and tennis. Our new premium knit and printed socks have breathable upper mesh, seamless toe and heel technology to avoid blisters and come in a variety of colours and designs. 

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Over the calf 

Over the calf socks are used in sports like rugby, hockey, enduro and horse riding. The socks are available in a premium knit and printed version. 


This is a very specific sock used for sports which boost circulation in your legs and help blood flow up toward the heart. Mostly used for running or walking, these socks can also be prescribed by a medical practitioner after surgery to avoid swelling in legs and blood clots. 

If you have any questions about which sock fits your lifestyle or activity, head on over to our social media pages and we’ll be able to give you expert advice to make a pick. You can also start a live chat on our website for more information.