Wedding Socks

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Wedding Socks

Need something extra special? We've made some pretty cool socks for groomsmen and gifts for guests, why not do the same for you?

1. Let's get in touch

Have a specific idea in mind? Send us an email explaining what it is that you are looking for, please include images if you have any. 

2. The boring stuff

We need to establish a few things before we can get started; would you like a knitted or printed sock? How many and should we do a size split? The list goes on, but we will guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible.

3. Let's get creative

This is where things start to happen! We will revert back with a mock-up of what we suggest for your socks, along with some packaging ideas. Once the mock-up is approved we can start with a sample from where you can approve the layout, colours and overall look. 

4. Get the ball rolling

Once the boring stuff is out of the way and the sample is approved we can  start with production and get that final product ready for your special day.


Please note that minimum order quantity applies.