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Need something extra special? We've made some pretty cool socks for groomsmen and gifts for guests, why not do the same for you? 1. Let's get in touch Have a specific idea in mind? Send us an email explaining what it is that you are looking for, please include images if you have any.  2. The boring stuff We need to establish a few things before we can get started; would you like a knitted or printed sock? How many and should we do a size split? The list goes on, but we will guide you through the process and make...

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Sox Factory custom sox

As easy as it gets, no order too big or too small, all in three easy steps:

1. Design:

Share your ideas and we'll bring them to life.

2. Sample:

We create the physical sample within one week.

3. Production:

You can expect to receive your order within only 2-3 weeks!

 Custom Costing:

Below costing based on our custom premium socks with a 2 week lead time. Costing can get cheaper based on sock style and time frame:

  • 50 pairs R100 each
  • 100 pairs R70 each
  • 200 pairs R62 each
  • 400 pairs R55 each
  • 700 pairs R49 each
  • 1000 + pairs Contact us and let's make sure we create a deal that works for you.

    *Please note all prices excluding VAT and delivery charges.

    For enquiries contact

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